Hiking, and so forth

My legs aren’t made for hiking.  o__O"  I was totally exhausted and out of breath before we even reached the top, about 2 miles or so from where we started.  This trek showed me I wasn’t fit . Embarrassed smile At the start, I thought it was easy, no sweat, but after just  an hour of walking non-stop, my legs started to buckle down. …. Pfffft !  I’m not going to bore you with this.  Oh, wait, my teacher had climbed Mt. Everest. And he says once climbers stop to pee within 24 hours, it’s time to head down. Not peeing is a sign there’s already something physically wrong with your body.  Oh, and we saw some sugar pine trees. Their cones are huge, about a foot long.  Good thing we didn’t encounter any bear or mountain lion.  o_O" 
Aaargh. It ‘s hot today.
Oh, wow ! It’s the 25th already. 10 more days to Chapter 164 of Skip Beat.  On October 5, when a new chapter comes out,  I’ll be totally like this…. 
LOL ! !  What’s in Skip Beat that makes me all gaga? I tell you……. it’s romance….. the purest kind. It’s not like some story where boy meets girl, then , let’s make out… wham bang…… ( cough ) …..nope, …. no such shenanigans……Skip Beat is pure……. and, there lies the charm. Red roseAngel ( sigh )
I’m tired ! I wonder how many calories I lost…… I need to lose some more  weight.
O—kay. Time to say bye-bye. Luv ya all. Peace ! Red heart

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