Go Home Club

LOL  Go Home Club…….. That’s the only club I joined at school. But there’s a club for Microbiology majors, so I guess I’ll join that too, soon, very soon.  My social life has been non – existent for quite a while now, like, more than a year already, except for some occassional birthday parties here and there that I managed to attend.  I’d like to think this is by choice, and not from lack of friends and social acquiantances. My friends are busy themselves, even busier than me. Like Olga…. she works full time, and goes to school at night, up to 10 PM  @___@…. same thing with Tanya, and the rest. Or, maybe, it’s time for me to get to know other people. I know there are other nice and interesting people out there. I have to move on. 
Uhm, I’m actually seriously contemplating following my friend’s suggestion. ( ^~^ )"" But where do I start ? " Have your photos taken professionally …. not pictures taken from cell phones and disposable cameras, you idiot ! " (^___^" ) …." Then, get an agent! "  Where can I find an agent ?  " Yellow Pages ! "  Waaa ! Are they legit ? They are not some fly – by – night enterprises, are they ? "  "Well, check them out, submit your portfolio, and wait. "  Aaargh. I’m sure I’ll wait forever, unless a commercial or ad has a need for an Asian friend, and I happen to fit the requirement. < thinks >  I have good teeth….. maybe I can do a mouthwash commercial, and gurgle in front of the camera. < grins >  Oh and wait, I need to diet. I’m considered overweight in this world.  < tears up > What else can I not eat ? I’m already eating dry seaweeds, as it is ! I’m not joking. Mom buys it for me at the Korean grocery. Better than potato chips, she says. (>-<)……………… Come to think of it, I’ve had an experience with photoshoots, or whatever they call it. I was on the cover of my school’s Registration and Schedule Handbook, ha ha, but hey that’s  every student’s Bible come registration time.  I got recognized quite a number of times. " Aren’t you the girl on the cover? " Smile ‘ Course I didn’t get paid . I should instead thank them for getting myself on the cover. Oh, wait, the photographer gave me one Starbuck’s gift certificate worth $ 10.00. o.Oa
Oh, well. Fat chance I’ll be taken in.  Sorry, I’m just musing.
Ah, look at the time… 12:02 AM, past the witching hour.  Better sleep early…. for good skin, you know.Smile with tongue out Who knows ?
So, as ever, goodnight, and be good. Peace. Red rose 

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