All About Nothing

So, okay, there’s this story… There are these 2 cuzins, a boy and a girl 1, and a girl 2. Boy and girl love each other, but they’re not telling coz their situation is somewhat forbidden. Girl 2 loves girl1. She’s a lesbian. Cousins get together at the end, while girl 2 accepts it. Okay, happy ending.  But I’m a little disturbed. How close are they as relatives ? That’s not incest, is it ? Incest is relationship between siblings.  Marriage between cousins in the Philippines is illegal up to 4th consanguinity.  or 4 x removed. I don’t know the situation here in the US. In Europe, I think it’s legal. I mean, look at their royalties. They marry cousins.  I’m aware that marrying cousins promotes inbreeding and makes recessive traits become dominant, but I think it’s okay to marry a cousin as long as it’s the only one in one generation.  I’m trying to visualize my cousins whom I have met for the first time when I was in the Philippines.  Some of them are cuties, but, aaaargh, I don’t think so.  Now about the lesbian…. I’m tolerant. I voted for gay marriage .  Come to think of it, I’m confused about the status of this proposition. Did  it win in California? o.Oa And I understand lesbians.  Straight women do get attracted to really beautiful women. Embarrassed smile     I don’t know about men . He he  Do straight guys look at good – looking men ? Open-mouthed smile
ROFL ! ! I just had a long conversation w/ a friend on Messenger… she has been encouraging me to go into acting or something along  that line. I said I was vertically challenged, 5’3" T.T,  It was hilarious. I told her  I was writing on my blog and the topic was straight women admiring other women and she said " I’m not lezbo ! " ha ha ha     Get an agent, for crying out loud, you’re in California ! she said..  " I said, " Are you serious ? Do you really think I have the features ?  Okay, I’ll make a portfolio, " I said,   and she said, " Well, when you go to an agent, have your father accompany you. " And I said, OMG, you are serious ! LOL….. I mean, she was serious.  Thinking smile  Hmmm, maybe a toothpaste ad or insurance, if they want an Asian model….. LOL
Oy ! That was really hilarious.  It went from her protesting  I’m not lezbo, to me saying I can kiss Kathryn Zeta Jones THAT way, no biggie.
Ooops… don’t get me wrong … I’m straight. 
She really made my day…. Smile Thanks , pal !
Okay, 12 : 52 AM…. I’m off to lalaland…. good day or night , stay cool. Red heart

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alexis on September 23, 2010 at 7:26 am

    ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….this post is epic. Lets Chat again later…like now. Bye bye.Still go for it, like SKIP BEAT! You go girl!


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on September 23, 2010 at 8:35 am

    ( strikes a model pose, flicks hair ) ……… Thanks, buddy ! ! Will do ! !


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