Well !

I was so thrilled to post the video here I didn’t bother to write anything about it.  ^__^
My friend informed me about this during our chat on Messenger. She was like, " Hey girl, are you aware you’re on you tube ?" And I was like , " Eh ? I don’t have an account there, I didn’t post anything." So she told me to check it out, and whoa ! ………… So, okay, actually, I have my own, but I don’t know how to post it here. I was told Live Windows doesn’t host stuff like this. Anyways, my personal video has a lot of me on stage coz that was shot by my cuzin, he he he. So, of course I am the " star " in my cuzin’s video. Wink  
Anyways, I’m not really into Jason Derulo, but I know of him, and I know most of his songs, but my cousin got some tickets free . I mean, I wouldn’t buy, like I did with Usher’s concert ( well, my aunt paid for the ticket., $ 150 )…….. technically, I got to watch Usher for free, too, LOL.
So, anyway, I was just there doing my business ( watching the concert ) when Jason Derulo said he wanted someone on stage. Almost everyone raised their hands, screaming " Me, Me, pick me !!!! " I didn’t raise my hand, hello, and I was just looking at him, then, whoa, I was like " is he pointing at me ? " I looked around then looked back at him, and I thought, " oh, oh, he is looking at me ! What the ! It’s me ! " Then, a security guard walked up to me and asked if I wanted to go up on stage. Well…. yeah ! ! He he …… So , there I was, with the goofy smile, looking like I was really enjoying it ( I was , lol ), but actually, I was a little worried about my dress falling off coz it was strapless, and I felt it wasn’t tight enough. I kept my arms tight to my sides to keep my dress up. Horror of horrors ! Can you imagine if that happened ? LOL  Dress malfunction ! ! Open-mouthed smile
This is all for now. It’s 7:19 Monday… class at 10…. bye for now…. be good.Red rose

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