Back to square one

But I’m okay. That’s the way the cookie crumbles and I accept it wholeheartedly, I embrace it with joy and great elation….. okay, stop it…. it’s a total bummer and it sucks. Smile with tongue out
Geez, I fell asleep while reading stuff on the Internet and left this ‘puter turned on the whole night.  Well, I’ve been reading the summaries of Goong up to Chapter 162. Yeah, I love spoilers ! The real thing that has been translated from Korean to English is just Chapter 142? I’m not sure. Releases are oh, so agonizingly slow. But I’m glad that the latest raws have the main guys doing something about their situation. Finally ! They are something to look forward to, at least. Unlike Skip Beat….. I don’t know what’s in Skip Beat that makes any reader just go on reading it, and eagerly waits one month for a 30 page chapter with nothing in it, really. ….. like, 5 chapters about Ren and Kyoko shopping for clothes. Ahahaha….. but wait ! !  What’s going on with this scene where Ren is just hanging out with Kyoko while she looks at clothes, sometimes just staring at her, or going out of the shop to smoke ? It’s so damn sexy, that’s what !! Ahahahaha !………………. Sad smile …  @_______@……..  Pathetic.  ^___^""""…………  ……….Hey, I’m not the only one who thinks this way, mind you. The forum just explodes after each and every chapter.  There was one chapter when I couldn’t go on the forum due to traffic….. that was the chapter where Ren gave Kyoko a peck on the cheek as a thank you for the gift she gave him on Valentine’s Day. That was so unexpected the forum just exploded. LOL ……. Sheesh, I need a life. Smile with tongue out
It’s 8 AM, Sunday. I go to work at 11 , but I need to water the plants first. Mom just bought this plant called Bromeliad. It looks so pretty and exotic.  
I go to church in the afternoon.
Then study in the evening. Yup, my so – called life. Red rose
So, as ever, stay cool….. and good day to all. Peace. Red heart

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