Back to square one

Yup, back to square one…… admire from afar…… ah, story of my life. Open-mouthed smile
Anyways, here’s an upbeat song by Bonnie Raitte.


LOL The song has nothing to do with my first statement. Smile with tongue out I just love the beat of the song. Bonnie Raitte ‘s songs are more " country " in my humble opinion. I’m not into country music, but some of my favorite songs of all time are country.

For example….. John Mellencamp’s JACK and Diane….. I love this song ! It’s country.Don't tell anyone smile



And who can argue that Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats is totally country ? But I love this song! Any girl who gets cheated on should do what she did here……… raise hell ! ! Baring teeth smile

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