Spanish course

I had my first exams in Spanish and Physics.  My course requires at least one foreign language. Since I took Spanish for 2 years in high school, I only needed one semester of foreign language in college. I enrolled in Spanish, and today, I had my first exam. I think I did very well, thank you very much.Smile Except there was one question that I failed to answer, and it was a stupid one coz  I should know the answers…. the word is pipe, meaning " tubo", and Mom said it was also a Tagalog word. ( Tagalog is the language in the Philippines, which I speak passably. ) Mom told me 50% of Tagalog words are of Spanish origin. Well, that’s not surprising. After all, the Philippines was a Spanish colony for almost 400 years. That’;s why the Philippines is kind of an oddball in Asia. Almost 90% are Catholics, and culture and  heritage are more Hispanic than Asian……. closer to Mexico, I think. And the people there have Spanish names……..  not to mention the food, almost all Spanish in origin…… embutido, estofado, callos, chorizo, tapa, paella, arroz caldo, mechado, adobo, etc.  Ha ha…. That’s what we eat everyday even here in the US. Anyway, I digress…….. I notice I’m my Spanish teacher’s pet. She just loves to call my name. She says I have a very Spanish name, but I don’t speak the language, he he he. Maybe she’s just pissed.  One thing though…… according to my brother and sister, I didn’t need to take this course. Tagalog is a foreign language!  I could take an exam in Tagalog, and drop my Spanish. I made an appointment with a Tagalog language teacher and he said I could take the exam next week……. and I should be able to speak at least high school Tagalog.  Wow ! I’m sure I’ll pass it. ( knock on wood ….. :" Kuya, sige na, ipasa mo na ako" ….. roughly, it means, " Brother, come on, pass me ")
As for my Physics test….. it was supposed to be a 2 – hour exam, but I finished it in just a little over 30 minutes. I called my Mom to pick me up 40 minutes early, and when I told her why I was early, she freaked out.  How in heaven’s name did  I manage to finish  a 2-hr. test in 30 minutes, she asked ? Eh.. doesn’t she know I’ve been reviewing for 3 days, even staying up late in school with my classmates, going home at 1 AM ? Now she just made me nervous. Sick smile I’m not confident anymore. Shheesh.Confused smile
Guess this is all for now…… be good.Red lips

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