Crazy random thoughts

Lady Gaga’s outfit during the MTV awards was slices of meat.  That’s totally gross, but seriously, I’d prefer to see that than over 60 – year old Cher’s thong underwear. That was nasty. Eye rolling smile
Both Taylor Swift and Kanya West performed on stage , well, not together, though.. Has Taylor Swift forgiven Kanya West yet ?
Last year, Kanya West insulted Taylor Swift when she won an award….. said Beyonce deserved the award more than she did.  And he said that right there on the stage. Who does Kanya West think he is ? So, okay Taylor Swift is not exactly my favorite singer, but she’s pleasant enough. Here’s one song of hers that I couldn’t seem to take out of my head Smile with tongue out 
But yeah, I have to admit she’s totally lightweight, he he he. I like her, just the same.
I’m really into rock…. hard and soft…… I especially like the old classic rock…. U2, Metallica, Green Day, yeah, even the Rolling Stones. I think I even posted a video of Led Zeppelin here ( or was it on my old forum ? )
Rage Againts the Machine…. that’s what I’m talking about
Oh, wow ! I just read a new chapter of Skip Beat ! Wooo ! It’s getting mighty interesting. Ren almost confessed to Kyoko ! I’m tickled pink !Open-mouthed smile  Geez. I think I’m obssessing. LOL Anyways, I can’t wait for the next chapter, which is coming out on October 5.  aaargh ! Still a long wait .
I went home at 1 AM, this morning. I joined a study group in Pysics and we hang out all night at Denny’s. (  it’s a 24-hour fast food restaurant ).
I think I’d need a lot of explaining  to do here. I ‘ve always assumed that all my friends on my list of " Friends " know me from before,  but, apparently not, ha ha.  We chat and they ask so many questions about me. Embarrassed smile
Well, this is all for now…. gonna study a bit more before I go to school at 10. Oh, heavens, it’s 6:32 AM !
Bye then . Stay cool. Red rose

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