Oooh, wow ! Resident Evil 4

Yay ! Resident Evil 4 is now showing in the cinemas ! I hope I ‘ll have time to see it this weekend.  I love to see a bunch of zombies’ asses getting kicked by Mila Jovovich. Aside from RE movies, the best zombie stuff that I’ve seen so far are Night of the Living Dead ( the remake , where the main characters are holed up in a shopping mall ) and 28 Days Later. 28 Days I think is one of the best, and the scariest. This is the first movie where zombies can actually outrun normal humans.  Smile with tongue out  Old zombie movies are just plain silly……  They walk so slow normal folks can run around them, maybe poke them with sticks or something , so how do some of them get eaten, for Pete’s sake ? Open-mouthed smile  LOL
I finished just one level of God Of War.  The PS3 is in my brother’s room , and I was allowed to finish just one level before he kicked me out of his room. Baring teeth smile I wish I had my own PS3, but I can’t afford to buy one. My brother is a hard core video game player. He and his pals even drive 800 km to attend video game conventions. Open-mouthed smile His most favorite video game, I think,  is Metal Gear Solid.  I tried playing MGS , but I couldn’t even finish one level…. Metal gear is pure stealth, and I definitely am not good at it. My brother can finish one game of MGS without killing a single enemy.  Well, a player can kill, but he doesn’t get a trophy, LOL.
Aaargh ……. movies and video games……. what else can I talk about ? Thinking smile
Oh, it’s 8 AM already, anyway. I have a class at 10 : 30….. well, gotta go.
Stay cool and peace. Red heart

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