I cooked Carbonara pasta

I cooked carbonara pasta. It was easy and quite yummy.  Well, carbonara is just pasta with chopped crispy bacon, lots of garlic, some milk, and beaten eggs that one mixes with the pasta while the pasta’s still piping hot.  It’s very good with Parmesan cheese and Garlic bread. Yup, that’s our dinner. Open-mouthed smile  Ah, I don’t get to cook as often as I want to these days….. much too busy. ………… I picked up a lot of peaches at the backyard. Actually, the peach tree has less fruits this year…. the apple tree, too.  And we have an orange tree that has a total of 36 fruits. LOL  The peaches are so sweet, though.  (Are you bored yet ? LOL )
Well…… so, okay, who are the people I miss talking to these days ? Phio-chan ! Hey, I’m busy too, you know. But, I make it a point to come on here and post !Baring teeth smile Where are yuuuuuu ? Kyoki-chan ? C’mon……
I said I was going to sleep the whole day, didn’t I ? Well, the darn airshow kept me awake. There’s an US airforce base nearby and today , there was an airshow. There were so many jetplanes I swear were right above our house and it was so loud  it felt like  there was an earthquake….. our dog was trembling under the dinner table.  The heck !  Aww, my poor George ! Oh, well.
Man, seriously…… there’s really not much going on these days.  Hah ! One of these days I’ll do something outrageous, so then I’ll have something to talk about ! ! Wink  There’s a bunch of soccer players at school who go jogging at 10 AM near my classroom……. they’re lean, they’re fit, and they ‘re shirtless …. ( sweat ) ……. ( nosebleed )……… Okay, I’ll make some really loud wolf whistles as  they pass by and yell, " Take it all off ! ! ! " Ahahahahaha!Smile with tongue out Open-mouthed smile   …………………… Well, my sister met her boyfriend while she was jogging. Her boyfriend was jogging too. And he happens to be a university athlete, a sprinter and javelin thrower…… a hunk with long blond hair….. oh, wait, he just had a haircut……. uhm, i think I like it long, but Sis told him to cut it short.
Okay, so I’m starting to blabber. I guess it’s time to say my farewells now.
Be good. Stay cool. Red lips

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