Just thinking aloud

Nothing earth-shaking is happening to my life lately…… just school, work, home, day in and day out, which is as it should be, and  in fact, I’ve been busy, even coming home from school almost at midnight the other day coz I had a project to finish up with my Ecology group. It’s 2:39 AM right now, and I’m drinking decaffeinated coffee, the most awful -tasting beverage I’ve ever had. Eeew. It’s Mom’s coffee, but I’m not gonna touch this awful stuff ever.
I barely see my friends Olga and Tanya. O has full time work as a state employee ( at a police headquarters )and goes to school at night, up to 10 PM….. same thing with T. I can only see them  during the weekend , but I work full time during the weekend Sad smile……ah, well, i guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. They hardly see their boyfriends, anyway, so I shouldn’t complain Thinking smile . I guess if i had a boyfriend I’d be more or less in the same situation. Except for Spanish language course, I’m already into major courses…….. I cannot now afford to dilly dally like I used to. So, nowadays , I can only muse and think aloud. There’s really nothing much to talk about ……. …….. Sad smile 
Although I did manage to read some stuff on the Internet.  There’s this "love " story about a couple……… the girl’s a true extrovert,  loving and fun, while the guy is a true conservative, the silent strong type. They’re as different as night and day, but they truly love each other.  One day, she introduces him to her beautiful cousin, and sadly , he decides that the cousin is more his type. He then breaks up with her girl friend, and later marries the cousin. The main character girl is devastated. Later in the story, she does meet a nice guy, while her ex – boyfriend’s wife, her cousin, conveniently dies from a lingering illness.  As the story goes, they meet again, she dumps her current boyfriend and goes back to her ex. …. My opinion ? What the F ! ! This isn’t a love story ! This is stupidity and masochism at the highest level.  If  I were the girl, I’d say F you, and give him the dirty finger. Baring teeth smile  Oh, oh…. maybe I’d string him along, pretend everything’s okay, then dump him, or better yet, leave him waiting at the altar. Angry smile In real life, how could any girl ever forget what he did and trust him again ? I wouldn’t. But that’s just me…. I don’t forgive nor forget, not about this kind of thing , anyway.  Stupid story……… ( >< )
I hope my father buys a new laptop soon, as promised. I have my vacation pics developed already, but I don’t want to put them in my Mom’s laptop, this one i’m using now. 
The nights are getting chillier. Right now, it’s about 10C.  Aaaargh ! I have to take out my winter clothes from storage, again.  I dislike doing this chore. Summer " officialy " ends on Sept. 21.   Fall is almost here, then winter, then spring then summer.  Time flies so fast, indeed. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was agonizing over our trip to the Philippines ?
LOL Talking about the weather means I gotta go. Well, it’s Friday, and I only have one class today.  I’m not going anywhere.  I go straight home and sleep the whole day.  I need it.
So, as usual……. stay cool, be good. Peace.Red heart 

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