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It is the end of a long weekend. Oh, I just went to work, studied a bit. Other than that, it was rather a boring weekend. Why has it been so boring lately ? So, okay, I did a lot of ” reading ” on the Internet…… just catching up , you know.  Oh, my, Skip Beat is getting interesting. Whoa ! Ren and kyoko are now sharing a room. Well, they’re acting out something ( they ‘re both actors ), but as ever, Ren is such a gentleman and Kyoko is oblivious. C’mon, Nakamura sensei. It’s Chapter  178 for crying out loud.  Aren’t you even going  to give us a 30-second liplock ? Disappointed smile    Shheesh.  ( sigh ) ………. I also have a feeling Kyo, Koi, wo Hajimemasu is nearing its end. I love this story, too. And Goong……………. There’s a recent chapter That I read and what a relief, it’s past the frustrating chapters that I simply refused to read. On this latest chapter, the main character guy dumps his fiancee. Well, it’s about time, damn it ! Go back to your ex-wife. They both still love each other, so what the heck is the problem ?  I really hate stories where there’s another woman who is aggressive while the main squeeze is a wimp. That is so frustrating.  Uhm, I actually have over 80 stories that I’m following up….. oh, my word, this is sad…………… one of my favorite reading sites has just been shut down !
Back to my vacation in the Philippines……… I notice there are sooooo many Koreans in the Philippines….. are there  mil;lions of them there already ?Thinking smile  In fact, just across from our house is a Korean national, and a few houses away is another one.  I even played patintero with our Korean neighbor’s young kids. Smile with tongue out And so many Korean restaurants in our subdivision !  …… Hey don’t get me wrong….. it’s okay…… this is planet earth. ….. as long as they do good and they’re not the Yakuza type, he he…. oh, that’s Japanese. Wink   No wonder Korean dramas are so popular in the Philippines. I myself watch Korean dramas. Oh, yeah. I watched the whole episodes of Princess Hours and My Girl on you tube. Oh, and two others. I just can’t remember the titles. The stories are sooooo sweet. And very refreshing….. they’re totally different from American films, that’s for sure.
Speaking of which, I just watched the first ” Mission Impossible” starring Tom Cruise. Oh, man, I really, really think Tom Cruise is impossibly handsome.  That’s the kind of face I’d like to look at for eternity. His eyes are just soo beautiful. Now,  I wonder what he thinks everytime he looks in the mirror. ( sigh ) ( daydreams )…… ( ” dream on, girl, this is the only time you get the guy…. in your dreams…. woot ! Yeah ! ) Smile with tongue out
Okay, this is so stupid, but right now, I’m listening to the radio show Coast to Coast, and what the ! they’re talking about Bigfoot and Jersey Devil ! ! Jeezuz, they still believe that crap ? Hadn’t that purported picture of Bigfoot been debunked already ? LOL  Yestreday’s topics were all ghost stories, and so were quite interesting.  I myself am quite interested in the paranormal.  In fact, my favorite TV shows are Paranormal, Ghost hunters, and Ghost Adventures.
Allright, enough musing…….
This is all for now……. stay cool and be good. Red heart

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  1. Posted by Alexis on September 7, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    I believe in Big Foot still…lol, but I have my own reasons why. They are just smart enough to stay away from humans, I mean I would if I was one, lol But there is this monster thing hanging out on the coastal towns of Oregon. Two medical people saw it, one is Catholic and the other is Mormon. Driving to work one early morning, the head lights caught something standing 7 feet tall, with wings, a man-like body, but a beaked face.


  2. Posted by Alexis on September 7, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    I for one, know its not a prank. Cause the Mormon was the "bright" one and told out loud to his church group to what he saw. Lets just say he got shuned for awhileSo just because they haven’t found a body of something, means it meant to be an unknown, and that is what big foot is, an unknown


  3. Posted by renxkyoko on September 8, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    No…….. really ? LOL But, ,-but, how come no one couldn’t show proof of something as big as that? I mean, there are cell phones w/ cameras, right


  4. Posted by renxkyoko on September 8, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    But, yeah, I’ve heard Oregon is the center of Bigfoot sighting….lol……. wow, your description reminds me the movie jeepers creepers, except the one in the movie doesn’t look like an ape. Isn’t he suppsed to look like an ape, hairy and all that?


  5. I love your blog!!!


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