Freakin’ hot today

It is. Over 100 F tops today. I only had one class this Friday, 10 to 10:50 AM…. worked for a few hours and spent the rest of the day reading stuff on the Internet…. wow, i missed a lot while I was on vacation.
Yesterday my Ecology class went out on a field trip yesterday…. he he, it was just a few walking distance from our classroom, down to the river to check out if it was polluted or something. We were all burned to a  crisp , though I intentionally wore shorts to give my legs a nice golden tan. Speaking of tanning…. back in the Philippines, I noticed that most bath soaps being sold there had whitening ingredients. Hmmm, it’s a bit disturbing. Is really fair skin a sign of beauty over there ? My skin is what we call here a beautiful tan, but I guess , back there, it’s not attractive. The women there wear thick very light  colored cosmetics, almost like a clown or a geisha, or worse, a heavily – made up corpse, especially the sales clerks at department stores. The make – up is sooo old fashioned. Okay, okay, maybe I’m just being bitchy and nitpicky, but it’s really such a stark  contrast with women here in the US, who prefer make-ups that  are natural – looking and glowing, esp. here in California, where golden tan is the preferred  skin color. Even Hollywood people don’t want to look like ghosts. Allright, enough bitching, hahaha. Sorry, but it’s freakin’ hot now…. I normally have a sunny disposition. Angel
So, okay, where ‘s everybody, anyway ?  Oooh, Alex, I had already sent the books. I hope you get them soon.
One of my favorite channels is Travel Channel, and at this moment I’m obssessing on Anthony Bourdaine’s No Reservations and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzare Foods. Oy ! I just saw the one on India’s food and culture…. Hmmm, I didn’t know Indians eat with their hands, on  all occassions, even formal weddings. Folks eating with their hands look a bit awkward , but I guess it takes getting used to. I’m a knife/fork eater, and the occassional fork and spoon, Philippine style. Oh, that’s how Filipinos eat, with fork and spoon. I heard Russians use fork and spoon, too. I wonder how Indonesians , Thais, and Malaysians eat ? Can someone educate me on this ?
Oh, I’ve seen episodes on the Philippines on Travel Channel…. I’ll write about this later. And geez, what’s this I heard about people from China spitting on Philippine nationals due to this hostage killings of several Chinese tourists in the Philippines? That’s totally  rude. Oh, I’ve heard of rude merchants and storekeepers….. Even Anthony Bourdain had been a victim of rudeness there, and they showed it on TV…… Oh, dear, Im planning to go to China next year. I hope they don’t spit on li’l old me , a Phil-American tourist. Please don’t hate. I’m gonna cry.
Uhm, so, what else…. nothing much to say. I think I’ll just watch bro’s new anime, Darker than Black. Oh, and I had sushi for dinner. Mom bought this at nearby Korean grocery. Oh, speaking of which, when I was in the Philippines, my favorite channel there was a Korean pop channel. 
So, once again , I say bye-bye, and stay cool. Peace and love .Red lips 

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