Still boring

I haven’t really checked out my new classmates. Of course I’ve met my Physics Lab partner . I’ll try to be more friendly to my classmates, like , I should find time to speak with them outside the classrooms. Ahaha, oh, wait, I had " lunch " with an old classmate, but she just hang out with me coz she didn’t have money for lunch. I asked her if she brought a fork, LOL She survived without buying lunch last semester/ As usual, Mom bought bottles of Starbucks Coffee, assorted chips, cookies, etc. that I could bring to school. Good thing I don’t have early classes this semester, Today, Tues, my class started at 12 Noon to 7:20 PM. I ate lunch at home.
( sigh ) What else ? Yegads ! What is this ? A harbinger of things to come ? Thinking smile Maybe I used up all my reserves of enthusiasm in the Philippines ? I need a boyfriend ! Ahahaha….. Well, at least I don’t have Philosophy anymore. Dang ! That subject stunk to high heavens ! ! It made me think too much and you know, I hate thinking. Yeah.  I am, therefore I exist …. Geezuz, who the heck cares about that ! ! I burped, therefore I exist. I farted, therefore I exist. Smile with tongue out
Oh, Pres. Obama just announced that, as of today, combat in Iraq is over. Oh, yeah ? Well, then, send all that money to California, instead. california has gone to the dogs. My dad’s unpaid forloughs were supposed to have ended last in June, 2010, but Gov. Ahnold Shwazzeneger is continuing them. That’s over a thousand bucks off my dad’s paycheck ! What the heck ! California is totally bankrupt. It doesn’t have money to pay its employees. As for me, I depended on " tips " for my lunch money for one year. Aaargh. It’s gonna be the same this year. I so want to get extra allowance from my parents.   It sucks to be poor.
Okay, I’m done raging. Sorry ’bout that.
Just be happy and stay cool. Red rose  

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