Please reconsider T.T

I’m upset. A guy from another forum emailed 3 " friends", including me, and in his mail, he was saying goodbye.  Why ? It’s okay if he doesn’t communicate with me, well, it’s not as if he communicates with me, ( ^~^ )" because he doesn’t, but he should at least give a better reason for his other two friends. They are his friends, they are real people . Some might consider the Internet an alternate universe, but this universe is made up of real people with feelings.   I hope he reconsiders. But it’s his life, so who are we to interfere ? Ugh. he always runs away.
Anyways, today, there are 29 passengers that are overbooked. No way we can sneak in. Ah-uh. But, tomorrow, there are just 16, or is it 13…… but that’s for tomorrow. There might be additional passengers by 10:30 this evening. We have to call tonight and be listed, and then tomorrow , we go. Well, that is, if the number of overbooked passengers remain the same. Oh, man, my stomach is starting to act up…. hyperacidity.  T.T    I really, really hate flying. I’m absolutely terrified.
Now that there’s a good possibility we might be able to fly tomorrow, tons of " things to do " have suddenly sprung up. My mom has been nagging my father and my sister to take care of the plants, always lock the door, check the cooker, fold clean laundry, etc. etc. etc.  Last time we went on vacation, clothes that have been washed and dried  were not folded . They were all piled up on my bed. Such slobs. I told mom they are not a bunch of kids, for crying out loud, and if they want to live in squalor, it’s their own look-out. Baring teeth smile  Just don’t mess up my room ! !! Gosh.  (>.<)
Okay, calm down. Breathe. Slowly, slowly………… good. ………. I’m calm now. he he he
Geez, I’m weird.  
So, why am I terrified  of flying ? I wanna get married, have kids , grow old…. oh, man…..  * tears up *….. I really need to be sedated.  * sweat *
Okay, just be happy.  ( ^__^ );;

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