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I always assume that the people who get to read my blog here kinda know me already from the other forum where i came from.  I guess not. So, some people might wonder where my name I use here comes from. Well, it’s from a manga titled Skip Beat, one of my favorite Japanese manga. The main characters are ren and kyoko.  Yep. I read mangas and watch animes. Smile with tongue out It was my brother who introduced me to this genre. Before this, I thought they were just comics and cartoons. And my first impression of animes is , well, not as nice as Walt Disney or American cartoons.  I thought, why are their movements so stiff ? Oh, they are cheap Japanese cartoons. ^^" Then, my brother told me to watch Claymore and Berserk…. from then on, I got hooked. Now, I’m reading around 80 on-going mangas, manhwas, and what-nots, and I managed to buy 20 volumes of Skip Beat. My brother has tons of animes and mangas. Well, I read free online, and brother is totally annoyed with that. He says a lot of anime production companies have gone bankrupt because of the free animes being shown on the Internet. But he doesn’t buy shojous, and that’s what I read and I cannot afford to buy all those mangas that I read, so sue me.  Unfortunately for us freeloaders, that is actually what ‘s gonna happen soon. Japanese publishers, authors and their American counterparts have bonded together < it was in the news a few days ago >, and have sought the help of FBI to run after the groups that put out mangas free online. The news specifically mentioned Onemanga.  Awww ! Well, we’ll see what happens.
Oh, @_____@, why are the photos like that ? he he he
Anyways, well those are his mangas and animes. I hope I can take better pics next time. I used my cellphone camera, and well, my camera’s a goner now.  And wait, just a minute, the photos look transparent….. why is it like that ?  Hmmm. weird.
Well, I gotta go…. I work in 15 minutes.  Peace and be happy.

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  1. Ooohhh…. That’s were your name came from… Kool! And Damn you don’t play bout ya anime at all….😊


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