God’s gift to women

Had a really busy day yesterday. ……..Did my usual household chores, went to work, and last night, went clubbing. Yes, I did.  Best pals O and A invited me to our usual Friday night -out, just the three of us, no boy friends. Well, I wouldn’t go with them if they brought their boyfriends  along . I don’t want to be the third wheel. =___="     I haven’t seen A for a long time, but when she saw me, she doubled – over, laughing like crazy, and I was like , o.Oa.  What the ! Then, both made an L sign on their foreheads. L for LOSER. Ha ha ha….. Yeah, right. O told A about my crazy episodes on the Internet.  ^________^".  Eh. At least I gave them something to laugh about.  ( >~< )/  Oh, man, I was teased the whole night.  ^_^’   ………… Oh, goodness, I saw the jerk. Aaargh. What was the probability I’d see him last night ? 100%… I should have known, but it was okay. He greeted me like i was a good friend. And I was polite and all that. That guy didn’t take rejection from me gracefully last year.  He sent me nasty text messages for months . Creep. There should be a law againts things like that. That guy thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and I happen to be the only one who doesn’t think so , apparently.  he he. Smile with tongue out I was the one who got away.
* sigh * 33 passengers overbooked this Saturday. There’s no way we can fly on weekends. We’ll start calling seriously on Monday. Actually, my father’s priority is supposed to be high. He used to travel first class. But that was when he was an airline employee. Now, his privelege was downgraded to economy, but still upgradable to business class and we can actually be reserved 24 hours before the flight compared to other employees who are always just chance passengers. But this is the peak season. Sad smile So, we are all on the same boat.
Geez, this vacation is getting to be anti-climactic. I’m at a point where i don’t really care anymore whether we go or not.  I just don’t want my relatives to be disappointed. And mom really has to go. She has some business there to attend to…… like this derma thing.  Oooh, that’s real important. Those liver spots need to disappear. Ha ha. Oh, and I’m kinda curious about this guy, my cousin’s cousin – in – law. Well, he is her husband’s cousin. He emailed me and he said, " it looks like our relatives have some plans for us. " And I’m like o.O ? Whoa . Straightforward.  Interesting.
This is all for now.  Have a lovely day. Sun  Peace and be happy. Red rose

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kyoki on June 20, 2010 at 6:27 am

    I am sorry to hear about your trip turning out to be a pain like this. I really hope you are able to go there soon. I’m curious how it is like over there so I can’t wait for you to tell us all how it is. >.> LOL!


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 20, 2010 at 7:20 am

    The way it is now, pain is an understatement. .LOLWhen I’m there ( crossing fingers )I’ll try to go online and blog, while things are still fresh on my mind.


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