Lakers win ! yay ! go, California !

We just had dinner at Oz. It’s a Korean restaurant near our house.  It was so far the most expensive restaurant we’ve been to, at $ 23.95 per person. It’s an all you can eat grill. Raw meats are served on the table and there’s a grill right there at the table. It’s a little cumbersome, actually, coz we have to wait for the meats to cook.  Everything was delish, but, at that price, I’d rather go to Mizu or Umeku. Our waiter was a highschool mate of mine, and we just met at a party I went to the other day, ha ha. Cute guy, half Korean, half -white. And then I saw a notice at the door, they need waiters and waitresses. Hmmm, maybe I’ll try that out. We just gave him a $ 25 tip.
I like  my space’s new design. I like aqua color . It reminds me of the ocean.  And I like Leona Lewis, the singer whose videos  I just posted here.  I hope you listen to her songs while you’re reading my nonsense here. Open-mouthed smile Her songs are beautiful. Although, there’s one thing I notice about her songs….. uhm, she’s not lucky in love.  Either her love left her, or she left her love, or her love is unrequited  ( oooh, wow,  this sounds familiar, he he he Smile with tongue out )  or she’s in despair. Sad smile That’s why  I can so relate to her songs. But, her songs are at the same time , so full of hope for herself, like the song " Better in Time ".  "It’s gonna hurt to heal, too." But, " it will get better in time ". Ah, so true.  Broken heart —->Red heartRed roseSmile
Yay ! ! Whoo ! The LA Lakers are now NBA’s champ ! ! Yes ! They were so awesome. And to think the Celtics have all the all-star cast, like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rashid Wallace, and there is only Kobe Bryant for the Lakers.  Kobe Bryant held  it all together for the Lakers. Great guy.  Actually I have a favorite team, but they are such a bunch of wimps. They didn’t even get to the play-offs. Sad smile Anyways, the Lakers are from California. That’s good enough for me. Yay ! Lakers ! Go California !
Ugh ! My father just called PAL reservations. The flight today is 15 passengers over-booked. Baring teeth smile

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