This is definitely one of my favorite songs, "I’ll Be Watching You" sang by Sting with his band ,Police.  This is not a love song. It’s a stalker’s song.  Well, I’d like to be stalked by Sting, that’s for sure. Smile with tongue out  j/k  No matter who stalks you, Sting, Tom Cruise, Keannu Reeves, Enrique Iglesias,  it’s creepy and scary. My sister,for instance,had a stalker while she was working at WalMart.  He was a customer who got just a little bit obssesed with sis.  My sister was a cashier and this guy would just stand there, in front of her,or at a corner where he had a good view of  her. My sister reported this to the manager, and so,everytime this guy would just stand there staring at my sister, the security would immediately but politely ask him to leave if he didn’t have anymore business with the store.  My sister reported this to the police, but , the police said they could not do anything about it because there is no law againts staring.  Well, the point was, the police said, they could not arrest a person just because he gives you the creeps or the heebeejeebees. Confused smile Otherwise, they said, they would be arresting a quarter of the male population. Eye rolling smile
My mom was stalked too when she was in college. It was a scarier experience for my mom because the stalker was a student, and a member of  a fraternity in the university and he used the members to follow her wherever she went.  One time,she said, the guy came to her last class to pick her up and take her home.  She was scared and apprehensive that one day, he would just kidnap her, and she’d be forced to marry him, or something like that. Anyways, she excused herself  and said she had to go to the " Ladies Room " . The Ladies Room was on the first floor of the building. So , she went in . In the Ladies’ Room, there were big windows , and that was how mom escaped ( through the windows )  while the guy was waiting outside. She never really found out the guy’s reaction . When she saw him again, there was no mention of the incident.  The guy was a real problem for mom.  Sometimes, she would just skip her last class and go home early.  When she did attend that class, she had to ask the teacher if she could walk with him coz  there was a guy, she told the teacher, who was outside the classroom , waiting for her, and she was afraid of him. The teacher was nice enough to walk with her up to the bus stop. He walked with her   several times after that until he decided to just talk to the guy. After that, the guy stopped coming ‘. But only to that class.  He and his friends still followed her around.  Another incident was a little violent.  There was a guy from another school who also liked mom. He got her class schedule, and one day, he and his friend came over to see her. Mom was surprised to see them waiting for her , but was more surprised to see these two guys standing side by side with the stalker. And they weren’t aware they were waiting for same person… mom. Anyways, so mom approached them , said hi to the three guys, and the stalker asked mom who they were, and mom said , friends from another school. Mom was surprised the stalker didn’t say anything, and instead left hurriedly. Mom and her 2 friends talked for a while, maybe around 5 minutes, and they were about to leave when about 5 guys, all fraternity guys confronted mom’s friends and beat them up, right there on the hallway, and in mom’s presence.  Mom said it was surreal, like it was happening in slow motion, and everything was a blur. She said it was like she was watching a movie, and she was in it. Mom complained to the head of the fraternity while her two friends threatened to sue. The head of the fraternity ( who also was the university’s Student Council president ) met with them and gave them a formal letter of apology.  After this incident, the stalking stopped . By the way, the stalking lasted for over a year or 2 semesters. That guy just would not accept rejection. Now, here’s the funny part of the story ………….years after, there was a party for mom’s cousin who passed the bar exams for lawyers. < she was one of the top ten > . Mom did the catering. The whole family was there, except dad who was already here in the US…..,. And…….. she saw her ex-stalker, with his family. He and mom’s cousin happened to be best friends and neighbors,…. and…… ex- stalker was a top corporate lawyer of one of the biggest law firm in the Philippines.  He and mom greeted each other like 2 long lost friends Don't tell anyone smile, and they talked. Mom suspected his wife knew something about her coz she kept looking at her, a little shyly, though, mom noticed.  And, when the wife was out of hearing range, the ex-stalker said, " your kids are beautiful….. could have been mine ", and mom laughed and said " you’re still a creep ", and he said " I was totally in love with you. " End of the story…. LOL ! Wow ! This is like a novelette.

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