Mellow yellow ^ ^

Well, at least I got to attend a birthday party…. met some old high school chums. Most of them have changed, physically….. more mature, older. I’m glad they told me I haven’t changed. Well, I’m Asian, and Asians normally always look younger. Thank you very much. * grin *  The other day, one of my best friends came over to visit. She brought her 10 month old baby. Aww, she’s so cute. But I can’t believe to see my friend already looking like a mom. No, she hasn’t gained a pound. Well, just a tad, along the waistline, he he. But that’s to be expected for someone who has given birth. Anyways, it seems college parties are quite different from high school ones. The guys don’t do stupid , silly things now. They have totally mellowed, and are more formal and mature. Somehow, I miss the guys’ silliness. The parties were more fun then. Goodness, I ‘m suddenly missing those days, and  my high school friends. Most of them had been my classmates since elementary, then middle school, and high school. Sure, I’ve had some new college friends, but friendship with them was so fleeting, even if I thought we had bonded. Every semester, I meet new classmates in every class, get close to some of them, then , when semester ends, we move on. Here in the US, students go to work , so you don’t see students hanging around after all their classes end for the day. Like me, I have to run off to my job, scooping ice cream at Baskin and Robbins. Open-mouthed smile My sister worked at WalMart the whole time she was in college. My brother worked at the university’s Engineering department. It’s very rare to meet full – time students. In fact, I haven’t met one.
Aaargh. I really don’t know what to do with my time now, waiting to leave for the Philippines. But , well, I guess there’s really nothing I can do now, except wait for available seats on the plane. Damn free tickets . My parents refuse to cough up even 50% of the plane fare. 50 % will give us same priority as a paying passenger, and so, we can actually get reservations. As it is, we are always on waiting list as chance passengers, with the lowest priority.  Bummer. I can’t even give my vacation leave to my boss. She’s been asking when exactly I’m leaving, so she can make a new schedule for the other workers. No, she won’t fire me. She likes me and I’m her most trusted worker. * sigh * No use to get so hyper about this. So, okay, I was quite hyper yesterday. ^^" But who wouldn’t be? I’ve packed up, ready to go anytime, then, we get the news all planes are fully booked up to end of June !.  * sigh again * I so want to go now. I go back to school middle of August. This is getting to be problematic.  Sad smile Relatives and friends in the Philippines are getting impatient too. My aunt has been calling, and though she understands why we can’t leave, she’s getting really impatient too, like it’s our fault. Surprised smile
Geez, I haven’t slept at all . I came home from the party at 2 AM, and haven’t slept since then. I’m still fully awake, but I’m sure I’ll get knocked out in the afternoon. Sleepy smile Well, it’s 6 AM now. I have to go and water the plants. Yeah, that’s what I do now, everyday. Geez . Sad smile Gotta go. Better make myself productive.  Peace. Red roseSunRed heart

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  1. Posted by Kyoki on June 16, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    I’ve been told many times over the years that I look young for my age. It’s so nice. :DThat is cool that you got to hang out with your friends. Sounds like it was fun. ^.^ That bites. I can understand why they are getting impatient. That is good that your boss won’t fire you though. 😀


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 17, 2010 at 2:36 am

    Right. I’ve seen your pic,Kyoki-chan and you do look young for your age. I like that too,except ,this time, I hope I won’t look so young. Someone I’ll meet soon looks kinda mature,and he’s an executive in a big company in the Philippines, so I’m sure he’s used to dealing with sophisticated women, maybe in business suits,and honestly, I would look like a kid beside him. It’s embarassing. It’s like I misrepresented myself. T.T He’s 24,going on 25. Yegads ! Another drama coming.


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