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Scary stuff!
Ok, I’ll start off with what my brother told me. Back in our old house, it was a really old house. IT had been there for around… two hundred years, I think. So lots of things happened in it. So many odd things. You would hear noises. Things you know you put in once place would wide up in other places. You would feel like you were being watched. Which… when I was alone in the house I would talk out loud so it didn’t seem so creepy. ^.^;;; That probably made me sound crazy. Anywho, one night my younger brother slept downstairs in the living room. He woke up in the middle of the night and looked out side the window to the front yard. (There were two rows of trees in the front) And he says that he looked out to see a man on fire run between the rows of trees and then disappear. When he told me that a few years later I was like "O_O" 

And then when we moved out of that house and went to a mobile home, he told me that he kept seeing some weird little creature. I forgot what he said it was. It wasn’t a ghost, but some kind of… paranormal creature. ^.^;;; He said he moved really fast. Which would explain why our cats went crazy and chased after things. ^.^;;;;

Ok, now I’ll tell you about what happened to my boyfriend (whose name is Dylan since I’m lazy and don’ want to keep typing my boyfriend. ^.^;;;;; Plus I like to type his name. It’s fun. xD) and his uncle when they both lived in the house I am staying in now. This house use to belong to Dylan’s grandma (who is still here. xP and it’s his grandma on his dad’s side of the family). A few years ago both Dylan and his uncle (who is the brother of his mother) were both living here. So one night his uncle was in his room and he looked over to see my boyfriends grandma clearly, though kinda see through like ghost are like. It scared him so much. I don’t blame him. I would be startled to look over and see someone there. Shortly after that… (I think) he moved out. 

Another incident that happened in this house is that my boyfriend was sleeping in his room one night. His uncle was still living here and everything. Anywho, Dylan woke up one night when his blanket was pulled off of him and thrown across the room. He woke up and looked to see if anyone was there. But the door was close. And this door, when it opens you know it since it kinda gets stuck. It’s even hard for me to close at times. 😦 When he told me that I was so like… ‘OMG! That is freaky!’

Ok, one more tale from this house and then I’ll get to what happened to me. Sorry for making this so long. OMG! We should totally make a ghost thread somewhere so others can tell their tales. 😀

Ok, so Dylan has a motorcycle and he was going to go ride it one day but he had to go get it out of the garage. So he left his helmet on the table and went out to get the bike out. So he comes back.. and the helmet is gone from the table. So he looks around since things like that was normal to him. Things disappear all the time in this house and then wind up in totally different rooms. So after looking he starts to get annoyed and says "Grandma, I know you did this. I’m going to go outside to smoke. When I come back, I want the helmet back on this table." So he went out and smoked and then came back. And the helmet was right back on the table. 

Dylan’s grandma is still here. But I don’t mind. She’s a nice playful type. She won’t do anything dangerous to us. 😀 Like I have a tendency to not like being alone by myself, though at the same time I like it. And when I’m alone I will hear knocks and stuff through the house that never happen when Dyaln is here. I told Dylan this and he said it was his grandma’s way of saying hello. 😀 Which I think is very sweet. ^.^

Ok, now it’s time for what happened to me. There are two instances at a couple mounts apart, but in the same house. The first time happened during one weekend when I was at my grandma’s visiting my dad. My dad lives with his parents since he can’t live on his own at the time being… ^.^;;;; Anwyho, so I use to normally go over there every other weekend since my parents are divorced. So one weekend my cousin was over to visit too. And normally when she comes over we would hang out down in the basement and we would have our table out that we had down there so we could work on our fanfics. On the day she had to leave, her family came a bit earlier than expected to pick her up. So everyone was upstairs talking and I thought that I would sneak downstairs in the dark and wait for my cousin under the table and scare her when she got back. So I got there… and waited… and waited… And the I looked to my left… and saw a glowing pair of legs. They looked like dress pants and it was completely dark down there. There were no windows and the door to the basement were close… so there was no way for me to see light.. much less a pain of glowing pants. I freaked out and closed my eyes and curled up into a ball. Finally my cousin came back down and I told her what happened and she was surprised. After that we tried to pick names to call this person. We called out some words and finally after a few tries, after one name we got a unsuual tap. He tapped at the word Howl. Which was funny since a couple nights before we had been watching Howl’s Moving Castle. ^.^;;;

The other time I encountered Howl was when I was in my dad’s room watching some show on his television. He was sleeping on his bed and I was sitting at his desk nexto to it looking at the telelvision. The way my glasses are I can see reflections of things somewhat behind me. So one day I was sitting there, watching television and I see a reflection of a white-ish figure lean forward on my dad’s bed as if they were sitting there and leaning forward to stand. I jumped a bit, surprised by the movement in my glasses… and then turned and saw nothing. No one by my dad still laying down sleeping. And I know it couldn’t have been a reflection. It was too define of a face. It was… crazy. 


Hey, pssst, kyoki-chan, I hope u don’t mind, but I’m blogging your blog here on my space !

These are really some scary stories. About Dylan’;s house ( yours too, yes? ), did anyone die there ? Are Dylan’s folks the original owners ? Well, I’m glad you and Dylan are kinda used to odd happenings in your house already. So, anyways, my mom told us a scary one too. It happened at my great- grandma’s house . That time, my great – grandma was already deceased, and only some tenants lived there, and since the house was huge, the tenant had some rooms rented out to transients. So, one night, this transient/salesman came home from a night out. While he was in the living room, he saw an old lady walked past by him…. she came out of one room and entered another. The salesman greeted her but she didn’t respond. In the morning, he talked to the tenants and asked them who the old lady was, and the tenants were, @___@ ?. They said there was no old lady and they asked him to describe the old lady, and then they were, @____@ ! ! The salesman described my great grandma. The salesman moved to another place the same day. So, okay, that one is called a full – body apparition by paranormal investigators.

Kyoki-chan, I have a blog here titled My cousin JP ( RIP ). Mom experienced something paranormal too. Mom’s what they call " sensitive ". But she herself hasn’t seen a real ghost. Do you have any plans of calling paranormal investigators to your house , just like the one we see on TV, " Ghost Hunters "? Go to their website, and email them. They will verify your stories first, and then the real guys will come in with their paranormal gizmos , and you will be on TV.

Anyway, you can blog this and take the whole thing to your space. So this will become a thread for ghost stories.







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