Karate Kid

We went to see Karate Kid at the cinema. Uhm, I’ve seen the old one, and I think I like the old one better. Not that the new one is bad. It’s okay. Will Smith’s son is okay. But Ralph Macchio is more okay. Just my opinion. ^_^"  He he , I know. I’m lame.
Ah, what else can I say ? Things have been like a roller coaster lately. I shouldn’t have deleted some of my blogs here. They’re part of my history, they’re me, and I regret doing that, but if I know what’s good for me,  that’s the right decision.
@____________@ ? ?
I ‘ve done a reality check. Check this, check that, this too.  Harsh, cold reality.  >.< 
Life sucks. * kicks the waste can *
Oh, well.  * looks in the mirror * NoteRed roseSmile with tongue outRainbowSunOpen-mouthed smileNote 

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