I want a 6-pack

We had dinner out at an all- you can- eat Japanese reataurant named Mizu. This is different from the other Japanese place we frequent near our house. Mizu is more expensive, and it’s all Japanese. There are almost a hundred dishes, half of which are different kinds of sushis. Yesterday, I skipped breakfast and lunch. I knew I’d pig out again at dinnertime, but , that was definitely not a good idea. I got a plateful of sushi, but halfway through, my tummy started to feel queasy, so I stopped eating. Sister suggested I should eat something sweet , like the tea flavored ice cream, which I did, and it made me feel a little better, but I just couldn’t eat anymore. Bummer. Oh, and there was a couple there, two indecently obese, fat couple. Really huge, a man and woman. They were already there , eating a mountain of food when we got in. I swear, those two had at least 2 more mountainful of food the whole time we were there, and just before we left, they got up again to get another plate. What the @#$% ! They just committed one of the seven deadly sins… Gluttony, and it was really disgusting.
Anyways, Jared , my sister’s bf, told me I really have to go for my dental check – up. It’s not just checking up their handiwork, it’s to clean out the blood clots that are inside the wounds. @_________@ ". And it would be painful, he said. T.T  @#$%   I’m not concerned about the pain ! Does it mean my cheeks are gonna freakin’  swell again ? Noooooo ! Crying face
My sister, my brother, and I are all working out. We have several exercise gizmoz in the garage , with 2 major ones, a treadmill and a bowflex. My stomach is flat, as it is, but i want a six pack, like that of Beyonce. Very firm tummy. Oh, yeah.Open-mouthed smile Yesterday, my bro told us he got pulled over again by the cops for having a six pack. We asked, why would you have beer in your car, you know that’s illegal. Then he showed us his tummy. @_____@. Idiot.
So, this is all for now.  Peace and please, be happy. Red rose Rainbow Red heart

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  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on June 15, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    haha, I hope someday I’ll get to taste some Japanese food. and hopefully, I’ll like ’em. =___=


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 15, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    Oh, Phio-chan, they’re so yummy ! Even the raw ones w/ sashimi and some delicious soy sauce. And, at Mizu Restaurant, there are about a hundred dishes. I love their tempura. And fried eelWell, at least the ones that I managed to eat. I felt queasy, and I was so sure I’d throw up if I ate some more. Lesson! Don’t ever eat on a very empty stomach. You will like them, I’m sure of it. Aren’t there any Japanese restaurant at your place ?


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