Phobias and stuff

Whoo ! I’m all packed up and ready to go ! Note All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, lalala……. I’m leaving on a jetplane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again . Oh, baby, I * love * to go..  Note   he he he That’s a song by Peter, Paul, and Mary. But, I’m already having butterflies in my stomach. Darn it. I’m so terrified of flying. I won’t be able to read a book, nor do crossword puzzles coz it’s an all – night flight ,so the lights are turned off after dinner. I can watch a movie though. Geezuz, I sure am going to suffer a 14 – hour flight, trapped in that contraption , with no place to go. * shivers*. I think  I have 3 fears ; fear of height, fear of airplanes and fear of snakes. Well, these 3 are the only ones that have surfaced so far. Surprisingly, unlike a typical female, I’m not afraid to see a mouse. Maybe it’s because mice remind me of Mickey Mouse. I just find rats and mice digusting. I’m not the type to jump on the chair or run off screaming when I see one. But then, believe it or not, except on tv and pictures, I have not really seen a mouse or a rat. And that’s a good thing, of course. And, speaking of which……..I don’t like cats. Their poop stink to high heavens. We don’t have a cat, but our neighbors do. One neighbor has at least 4, and they’ve made our yards their toilet. Grrr. Now, here’s the problem. My aunt loves cats, and she has 4 in the house , and that’s where we stay when we go to the Philippines. Well, that house is ours, anyway. We didn’t sell it when we immigrated here to the US. And nobody lived in our house for at least 8 years before my aunt who was then working in Singapore retired and lived in our house. There was just one housekeeper who came over 2x a week to clean it. Mom had a business arrangement with a broker . The broker is the one who takes care of our rental houses and the maintenance of our house, but any house that’s not lived in somehow deteriorates, so when my aunt came over , she had everything repaired and repainted. When we left, mom didn’t even sell our 5 year old Toyota. She gave it to my uncle. It’s still running and in good condition. His son is the one driving it now. It must be , what, 20 years old ? Ah, why am I talking about this stuff. Who cares. I care. This is my blog, and I can write about anything. Sleepy smile
I want to start a countdown , but I don’t know exactly when our flight is. Are there diet sodas in the Philippines ? I wonder. Coz that’s the only thing that I drink. I guess I have to make do with bottled water. =_= I’m aware the Philippines is a poor country. I saw a lot of shacks and sad – looking houses along the highway. But I’ve seen really big houses too, and the country has at least 2 of the top 10 biggest malls in the world, for Pete’s sakes. And the traffic ! ! Holy cow ! I just saw on AOL news that the Philippines has the worst traffic in the world. I can believe that. <  The Philippines just replaced Thailand, which used to be # 1 for a long time. > Too many small jeepneys that clutter the roads, I guess.
Okay, this is it for today. Have a lovely day. Peace.Red roseRed heart

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  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on June 13, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    calm down, honey. you will be just fine. take it easy, just sleep on the plane, you’ll be arrived even before you notice. ^^ you know, if only you could fly at the evening. it’s sooo beautiful, the sights from above, really! X3 but you’re still lucky to be able to watch films. over here, we’re not allowed to open laptop or even play songs on iPod or MP3. only books. =____=


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 13, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Whoa ! I forgot about a laptop…. can we actually carry a laptop and use it on the plane ? Aren’t we supposed to have a different link sys or something. Coz I do that in school. Also, my laptop is too heavy. We need all the space and extra weight we could get. MOM BOUGHT A LOT ! !


  3. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on June 14, 2010 at 11:12 am

    haha~ I dunno about that, but it’s not allowed here. it can disturb the plane’s navigation, as the stewardess said. ho, well, tell your mom to calm down a bit. XD


  4. Posted by renxkyoko on June 14, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    I know. I heard about that. How come we see on tv and movie passengers using their laptops on the plane? Well, If it’s gonna mess up something on the plane, better not use any….. coz that/s exactly why I’m terrified. >.<


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