I feel better now

I hope we get the tickets soon. Mom’s done with jury duty. As expected, the defense attorney eliminated her. And I’m gonna ditch my dental appointment. My teeth are fine, thank you very much. Anyways, the plane tickets are freebies. The problem though with non – revenue tickets is we are on low priority level. If there are 2 seats available, and there are 2 paying passengers also in the waiting list, we get bumped off, and the 2 paying passengers board the plane. Another problem is the distance of the airport from our house. San Francisco is about 100 miles from us, an almost 2 – hour drive. If we get bumped off, we go back the next day, and try again. Mom thinks this scenario is untenable. Summer season is the peak season here in the US. So, much as we want to save money and not spend a cent on tickets, I guess we’ll have to. 50% payment gives us positive space, and we are able to make reservations too. So. Mom has to pay up, and soon. Last time we went there, we waited almost a month to get a positive reservation. We were supposed to leave on June 10 then, but we left July 4th.
My aunt has been calling us everyday, asking, when are you coming here, leave already !. I complain to her my parents seem unwilling to pay for our tickets. I understand that. Mom’s primary reason for going to the Philippines is to see a dermatologist. He he he You know how some people develop these moles as they grow older ? Yeah. They call these liver spots. Mom wants them taken out, but our insurance here in the US doesn’t cover derma work. Don't tell anyone smile Her niece is a dermatologist over there, so she hopes she gets a big discount. But, it would still entail big bucks. Anyways, I’m sure my parents will relent and pay up, just like last time. Going back and forth to the airport is definitely not an option. Ah, enough of travel woes.
I’m still trying to sort myself out, but I feel a lot better. Oh, I can so relate to Leona Lewis’s song " Better in Time ". Note I’ts gonna hurt to heal , too, but it will feel better in time Note or something like that. So true. GirlSun …………. At least, I’ve discovered something important about myself. Oh,but I know that already. Smile 
I’ve been planning to iron clothes since 2 days ago. Aaargh, I will, today. But before that, the garden. I have to water the plants. It’s gonna be hot today. * looks in the mirror * Oh, yeah, I still look fine. Wink  Red lips Muuuaaahhh !
So this is all for today. Be happy. Peace. Wink Red rose 

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on June 13, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    dermatologist? that has something to do with skin, correct? ^^"haha~ XD well, happy packing then. don’t forget anything, especially medicine, in case you feel sick aboard. have fun on your trip, I wish you’re safe until you arrived. and happy gardening, for now! XD


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 13, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Yeah, Dermas specialize on anything that has to do with skin. And guess what, my mom’s niece is staying in our house now. he he I’m not only gardening, I’m also house cleaning ! Tomorrow, I shampoo the floor . Dad, sister, and brother are a lazy bunch. They won’t do anything while we’re gone the whole month. >_<


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