Please make my day 2

So, mom received the much awaited US passport today. I so want to go now, but mom has jury duty. It’s unlawful to ditch this duty, unless there’;s a very good reason, like , you’re in a hospital, sick , or dying. Sarcastic What’s funny about this jury duty is the fact that no one in the family will ever be chosen to sit as a juror because my father works with the Department of Justice. Defense attorneys always kick us out, ha ha ha. They think that since we’re connected with law enforcement, we will never come up with an impartial and objective judgement on any court case. That is, we will always side with the prosecutor. Which is so wrong, of course, but we understand the defense’s position. They only act in the best interest of their client.
I went to work today, just 5 hours. I hope my boss will give me more work hours. I’m on vacation, after all., And I will be gone for almost a month , for Pete’s sakes. That means, zero income. And that means I ‘ll have little spending money in the Philippines. I can only afford , at most , $ 200…. that’s under 10,000 pesos. What can that kind of money buy in the Philippines , I wonder. Disappointed Little trinkets, I guess. Oh, well. I’m not going there to shop, anyway.
I was just reading this article about bullying. It reminded me again of my elementary experience when I, together with 4 other girls , were suspended for one day, for bullying a classmate, a boy. Well, there was this classmate Jimmy, who was apparently picking his nose, and a girl classmate accidentaly touched his hand, and she then ran off screaming , "  eeeewwwww, I touched Jimmy ‘s booger " ! !  then she touched a classmate, then another, then yours truly, and I touched another. But I did it casually. I mean, we did those stupid things all the time. Touch and run. Unfortunately, Jimmy cried like a girl and ratted to the lady on yard duty, who told the principal.  But , I have a confession to make. I was again  suspended for 2 days, together with 6 other classmates. It was during Math class, our group finished the class work early , and our teacher sat down with another group that was having a hard time with Math…. meanwhile, our group played this paper game called MASH. Teacher saw us, got the paper and had those who wrote on the paper sent home, plus one day suspension the next day. Baring teeth It was rather harsh. I mean , 2 day suspension for that stupid piece of paper ? Plus, a threat not to allow us to attend our own graduation day. @#$%^&* Yeah, right. Our school was a school for the " gifted ", and I did march on graduation day, and I was on the stage for being one of the top 10 students. Sarcastic Pfffft . Look at my elementary photos…. do I look like a nasty bully ? I look sweet and innocent, right ? < Don’t answer that … ^__^" >
* sigh * Wilted rose Please make my day.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on June 4, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    @____@ naughty little girl you are, eh? no worries. every children are naughty at a time of their life. ^^


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 4, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    I was the sweetest thing, honest. ….. just unlucky to be caught at the most inopportune time. =___="


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