Oh Oh =_=”

        It’s 2:17 AM.  I opened the door for my sister whom I thought went out on a date with her boyfriend. But, surprise, surprise, it wasn’;t the BF who was with her, it was another guy ! Oh -0h …. bad news. And what was even more surprising was that the guy was a Filipino, a countryman of ours…… well, he’s half -breed…… half Filipino, half white.  Don't tell anyone  So, okay, I’m not 100 % A-okay with the current BF, who is blond , blue eyed…. nope, that’s not the reason….. her 2 exes had been blond blue eyed too, but  the current squeeze is a Philosophy graduate who can’t find a good job. He definitely doesn’t know anything about the Laws of Thermodynamics.  But, he adores her, his mother adores her, and his aunts, cousins, etc, adore her, and they expect my sis and him to marry soon.  Come to think of, I’ve seen this coming. She has been so irritable with him lately…. well, not to his face, of course, but I just know it, with the way she talks about him lately.  I am freaking out. This is not good. Uh – uh. * sweat * Broken heart  Wilted rose Sis ? Be sensible, okay ?           Oh, wow. I really don’t know what he’d do if he got dumped.  I wonder, what do guys do when they are dumped by the girl they really, really love ?  Is it the same with girls ? With girls, it cuts deep, like being physically stabbed through the heart.   Sheesh… * stop thinking about it. this isn’t your poblem *.
Which is entirely the opposite of what  I did  the whole day today…… gardening.  =_=". Open-mouthed  And while resting, I did the laundry.  Sad  It was quite a normal and domesticated day, even for me. ^____^"
Ooops, it’s 7:04 now. I’ve fallen asleep again . He he he

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  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on May 31, 2010 at 10:13 am

    @______@I think they should talk about it soon. I mean, they better talk about it now before they married. it’ll be even worse by then. I hope this problem would be fixed soon..~


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on May 31, 2010 at 11:03 am

    He was here last night. In fact, he’s here, sleeping in the couch. It’s 3:58 Am right now, I just brewed coffee, and yup, he’s sleeping there allright. I really don’t know what my sister is thinking. She dumped a really good guy before, and my father got sort of involved coz the parents of the guy also worked at his workplace. The parents used to be very friendly with my father, but now they barely look at him.


  3. hello, renx,

    so, what’s the update here? did they get married or did she dump him? hehe… the current squeeze, ahaha. ^^

    you are masipag. gardening and doing the laundry. yes, ikaw na… 🙂


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