Bro moving out again

My brother has been assigned to a new jobsite again, waaay yonder, up north, in the boondocks. The engineering co. he’s working for just won a bidding to construct another water filtration plant.  His first job was with a company that also builds water filtration plant. He was assigned in the Bay Area ( San Francisco, Ca. ), so he moved there, and worked for the company for 2 years until he was assigned to work in another project , somewhere in North Dakota, in the middle of winter. North Dakota is a horrible place to be in the middle of winter, with snow blizzzards galore, and super below freezing temperature. He quit, moved back home, and filled up our garage with his stuff. He was lucky to find another job in 2 weeks, with a different construction company that also builds water filtration plant, and the jobsite happens to be just 15 minutes from our house. He’s one of the few engineers that started this project from scratch…. 2 years after, he and another engineer have now been assigned to start another project, and he has been promoted as manager, with huge increase in pay, 5 figures.  He should be ecstatic, but, no, he’s sad. There’s no sushi there. He’ll start 2 mos. from now. Aww, that means he ‘ll take his PS3 with him. Dang. I really have to buy my own PS3 now. Anyway, I think he should get married. These two exiles are the only singles in the company, and I figure they will share a house. @~@ Will I miss him> Nope. He annoys me.
I see that my photos have been transferred here to my space. Right now, what’s showing, lemme see, oops, i can’t see from here, but I know one of the photos is my sister’s class picture. Do you notice how long their skirts are ? That’s the regulatory length, ha ha.
My sister is not photogenic. She’s so much prettier in person. When I’m with her, I can only bask in reflected glory.  Oh, and my father in the wedding picture…. I never noticed his cute dimples. I now believe my mom when she mentioned that the dimples were the first thing she liked about him, and the smile, then the eyes. When she first told me that , I was like, eeew, dad’s not my type at all. And, mom said he wasn’t her type , either. Her exes were tall and good-looking. < Dad was her 5th or 6th bf and dad only knew of one, and that  was because his friends told him…. the ex was a popular varsity 6’2" basketball player….. I hope dad never gets to read this.  Secret telling Don't tell anyone > Well, mom said, "if I had not married your father, you wouldn’t be here talking to me." Thinking Btw, my father’s wedding attire is the philippines national suit for men called the " barong tagalog ". The material is made from pineapple fiber. It’s a very delicate material, and it’s usually hand embroidered. Mom said her wedding gown was made by a famous coutourier in the Philippines. Also, the man’s family pays for all the wedding expenses, unlike here in the US where the bride’s family pays for everything. I don’t like it at all. It ‘s like the bride’s parents are so eager beaver to marry off their daughter . Eye-rolling And speaking of weddingn gowns, mom left hers in the Philippines, but is planning to take it home back here in the US, like , well, you never know. Maybe sis will get married soon, and she might want to use the old wedding gown. SmileRed rose Okay, enough of weddings.
You think gardening is easy ? My back hurts from plucking off weeds, and I have several scratches on my arm from cutting off spent roses. Baring teeth
This is all for now. Peace.Red rose

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  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on May 31, 2010 at 10:10 am

    ah, congrats to your bro! and too bad he brings the PS3 with him, haha~ XDcalm down. but you enjoy gardening, aren’t you? isn’t it worth the scratches? ^^


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on May 31, 2010 at 10:55 am

    Congratulations are indeed in order, but he’s not jumping for joy. It’s a small town and there;s nothing there for entertainment. There’s no cinema, no Japanese restaurant, he doubts there’s even a shopping mall. The nearest to civilization is Chico. There’s a university there so I guess he’ll find something .


  3. hi! I was back reading through your posts and it seems like you’re still pretty much in touch with your Filipino roots. That’s really great. I bet your parents have raised you well.


  4. hello, renx,

    i hope you don’t mind my reading in these parts, haha.^^ nice post – about the men in the family… i also like the emoticons, haha. they say much, hehe… regards! 🙂


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