Ta dah !

Wow ! Finally ! I can blog ! Not  able to access my own blogsite for what I thought would be forever was a nightmare. No, in fact, I couldn’t access any of my place here… photos, profile, home, and options. It was a most frustrating day. Well, as the cliche goes, all’s well that ends well. I know it’s gonna happen again, but I hope not often. I think some of the comments are gone, though. Sad
This afternoon, mom and I went to Home Depot to buy plants and potting soil. As usual, we’ll make an instant garden. We’ll fill up the spaces with flowering plants. Red rose  All our boungainvilla died this winter though.  Sad We were so busy entertaining guests that we forgot to protect these plants. And, all the spring plants are gone too, except a few straggling canna lilies.  Mom and I have to work fast to finish our gardening chores. We’re living in less than a month, but before we leave , we have to keep the house spic and span. We know the house won’t be cleaned until we get back from our vacation. Angry Mom made them promise to water the plants.  Our neighbor told mom that he knew we were coming back from the Philippines very soon  when he saw my dad and sister cleaning up the frontyard.  I’m sure they didn’t want mom to see the house a total wreck.  Surprisingly it wasn’t. < except for that pile of clothes in my bed> .
I wonder though what my relatives have in store for us. I’m sure they are going to be a lot of entertaining. And definitely, we are going to Bagiou. My aunt is going to show off her new vacation house. She didn’t have that when we went there, but my other aunt also has a vacation house there, so that was where we stayed. But I heard this new one is so much nicer and bigger. Anyways, i’m sure I’ll check out Mall of Asia. It’s supposed to be the 3rd largest mall in the world.  I’m sure I’m gonna find some really nice stuff there that we don’t have here in the US.
Guess this is all for now. Peace !Hot

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on May 31, 2010 at 10:05 am

    wow, that’s cool.when I was away, I visited Mall of Indonesia, and the area was soooooooooooo huge, I can’t express it properly. I wonder what it looks like, that Mall of Asia. but for sure, I’ll be dead walk around a mall so big. @___@


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on May 31, 2010 at 10:41 am

    Must be really huge. You know, there’s a list of 10 biggest malls in the world and 5 are in Asia, 2 or 3 are in the Philippines. I’ll check out the list later. Do you like shopping ?


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