Talking about Talking about Report on Religious Pluralism



Talking about Report on Religious Pluralism



Report on Religious Pluralism

It’s 6 AM. Just woke up. I have not done a thing ! ! Time to push the panic button. Report is due at 5 PM on line. I have no class today but I have to go to school to submit my Chem. Lab report. * teary eyed * Sad
How can I add 560 words to a report that is so uninspiring ? Mom is annoyed that , again, I chose the side that contradicts her own beliefs, and so, she says, it’s so difficult to gather her thoughts  and form an opinion ……….. I just woke her up. I’m panicking !  * Mom, wake up… help me *Disappointed
It’s 7: 47 AM’. Mom did wake up, but instead of helping me, she kinda scolded me. She said if I thought I’d somehow need help, I should have consulted her first. Yes, she did read the articles, but the problem is, she totally, absolutely, and without any doubt or qualms, agrees with John Hick’s pluralism. She asked me why I chose to be dogmatic. ^_^;;;;;;  I said , well, I think Catholic religion is superior and it should stay that way forever. And so , she said, if you so believe that, the you must have a lot to say about it, so do it yourself.  TT.TT
It’s 9: 00 Am…… I’m done.  Woot ! ! I suddenly had this awe-inspiring Einstein moment where great ideas and thoughts took off and my fingers caught them and put them into words. Brilliant. Light bulb

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  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on May 15, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    congratulations!well, people has their own opinions, haha~ sometimes I did that to my mom too, and I ended up doing everything alone, because my mom won’t help me for she stands on a completely opposite side. =___=but yep, brilliant! ^___^


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